Health Benefits

Laughter helps us stay healthy

Laughter encourages the release of chemicals in our body called endorphins giving us the ‘feel good’ factor. They also have an important painkilling effect. Laughter protects us against colds and viruses. Increasing the levels of anti-bodies (immunoglobin A) in the nose and respiratory passages. Laughter boosts the immune system by increasing levels of natural killer cells, and stimulates the production of lymphocytes which contain T cells that deal with cancer cells. Laughter reduces blood pressure and heart rate when practiced regularly. Laughter oxygenates our blood, reducing stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol.

In the 1950s people laughed on average 18 minutes a day, now the average is only six minutes daily.

It’s time to reclaim this natural method of healing

So what’s funny?

One common misconception is that we laugh because we think something is funny. We also laugh when we are embarrassed, nervous, excited or fearful. Research has estimated that only one in five laughing occasions involves any humour. Babies laugh, yet don’t have to watch comedy first! In fact, toddlers laugh three to four hundred times a day whereas by the time we are adults we have learnt to laugh only 15 times a day.

Our aim is to help and encourage people to lighten up and LAUGH FOR NO REASON!

As we grow up it seems we forget how to use this truly joyful and life affirming natural activity.

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